We’re Engaged! Video

So…we’re engaged!

And not to be biased or anything, but…Jon had the BEST proposal idea! And, of course, he made a graphic design as he was planning it…


From what I (Quina) heard, “Operation Quina’s Proposal” (or #OQP for short, apparently) was a community effort that our friends and families were very involved in planning and executing. Wow! I can’t describe how loved and encouraged I felt by everyone.

Thank You’s:

HUGE thanks to Frankie (lucidgrace.wordpress.com) for hiding behind bushes with Kendra Cummings and capturing this proposal as well as the rest of the many surprises that unfolded after! And thanks, KB, for letting Jon borrow your tiny hidden camera thingy that Jon hid in the bushes.

Also, thanks to all of the ladies who Jon asked to say an encouraging word to me at the surprise “rose ceremony” on my front porch: Mom, Samantha Moreland, Brenda Sprott, Noelle Huff, Michelle Burgess, Sarah Puebla, Erica Teich, Tiffany Cato, and Kendra Cummings. And thank you Pastor Mike (my father in the faith) for praying over our relationship and admonishing us in the Word. You have each played a HUGE role (more than you realize, I’m sure) in encouraging and helping me in my walk with Christ. I love you deeply.

Thank you to Kendra Cummings, Elsa Senat, Samantha Jones, Michelle Burgess, Markea Hannah and all of the other ladies who helped organize the rose ceremony and somehow secretly pack 70 of our friends into my little townhouse in order to surprise me yet again after the surprise rose ceremony. And thank you to everyone who blessed us with your presence at the surprise proposal party! I can’t believe you all fit in there at once! And I can’t believe how much grace God has shown me through each of you in innumerable ways.

And, of course, thank you so much to my family and Jon’s family for keeping it all a secret from me and for encouraging and helping Jon as he planned this multi-layered proposal! You guys are the best!



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