The Song of Solomon & The Pleasures of Marriage

The Song of Solomon & The Pleasures of Marriage

Here is a little poetic reflection I wrote after starting our study last year on the Song of Solomon via Steve Kreloff’s incredibly helpful exposition The Pleasures of Marriage. We highly recommend this book to work through as a couple. It very clearly explains each passage in the Song of Solomon, unfolding the beauty and challenges of marital intimacy. You will find your study of and delight in God’s Word (and each other) greatly deepened. Let us know if you are reading this book and how it has helped your marriage!

Pleasures of Marriage

What a thought

that the best

of Solomon’s pen

were lyrics reserved

for the wife

of his youth,

that God should

grant wisdom

on this intimacy

He’s given

for our intoxication

in each other!

Not an allegory


expression of

the kind of marriage

that by design screams

of the covenant love


its Maker-King and His

redeemed Bride.

A toast,

a melody

to our growth

in intimacy,

you whom my

soul loves


though I,

certainly undeserving,

but beloved.

Let us run together;

meet me, my king,

grow with me

vibrant with delight

and joyful sacrifice

amidst the decay

of a world unbelieving…


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