Sex & Prayer: Naked And Yet Not Ashamed

Sex & Prayer: Naked And Yet Not Ashamed

I’ve found that sex in the covenant of marriage is like prayer: open, naked, transparent, and mutually delightful. My husband sees all of me. All. Of. Me. Yet he delights in all of me, even the body parts I’ve always been insecure about. All of it he loves. All. Of. Me. And his fully-seeing-yet-fully-loving gaze frees me to be completely his with less and less inhibition…naked and yet not ashamed.

This has encouraged me to pray more openly as I remember that God fully sees and knows me, far beyond body parts and into the truly beautiful versus ugly of my soul; yet He loves me. All. Of. Me. Because all of me is hidden in His perfectly pleasing and beautiful Son. His delight in me despite me, then, frees me to take all things to Him in prayer where I’m accepted because of Jesus…naked and yet not ashamed.

How have you seen a connection between your prayer life and your sex life in marriage? 




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    Jermaine King

    This was a real and genuine blessing. It amazes me how the words truly express much of what a man in covenant with his wife feels about his bride even after physical changes occur after the wedding day. Since I know that feeling well, I have better understood the necessity of prayer and worship because only God really recognizes us from the inside out, and appreciates what you become from the time he gave us our new life in him. Great message….

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