One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

It’s been a year that I’ve been graced to know and to be known by you, my best friend, my fiancé, my love. A year ago today I approached you on your front porch. The image is still vivid in my mind to this day as my lips quaked and trembled, and as I gazed at your beautiful, hazelnut skin and eyes. Oh my, those dauntingly gorgeous eyes, the type that you feel you get lost in. True windows to the soul I may add. O’ how weak I felt when I approached you, my love. It was by the mere grace of our Lord and Savior that I was able to communicate my feelings and emotions to you.


Although your natural beauty was evident to me, that’s not what ultimately drew me to you. In my pursuit of you, the most beautiful and intoxicating feature was the love of Christ that overflowed in you. It was how you allowed the hidden person of your heart to reflect that imperishable and gentle beauty that the Lord gave you. I’ve never been so captivated by a woman before. It was terrifying! I had several women in my life who had displayed biblical womanhood to me; mainly my mother and my three sisters. Growing up and observing them serve my father and our family was a grace. So when the Lord saw fit to cross our paths, and I saw how you model Christ so well, even despite failures and setbacks we all face, it was clear to me and my fellow brothers who counselled me that you were a woman that I should pursue.


We see in the book of Genesis God creates Adam and Eve. The Hebrew word for Adam means “humanity”, and the Hebrew word for Eve means “life”. God created them to spread the Imago Dei (Image of God) as an expression of who God is. So when I saw you, Quina, and observed how you had used the life the Lord gave you to serve others in the Body of Christ, and how you modeled obedience and submission through the authorities the Lord providentially placed before you, my response was one of praise and worship! We see when God creates Eve for Adam in Genesis 2:22 Adam’s responds in verse 23 really sounds like a poem: “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh…” His response is one of praise and worship. “Oh the honor it would be to call you my wife!” I though to myself.


So here we are a year later, engaged and getting ready for our wedding day on August 23rd, just a few weeks away. I’ve prayed for years, since I was a young boy, for a wife. I still recall my father telling me as a young boy what I should look for in a spouse, and indeed, I’ve found it in you–my true love, my helper, my best friend, and a joy in my life. I’ll give my life for you and serve you as Christ gave His life and served us. Whatever it costs, you are worth it Quina. We have the amazing privilege to take part in the most important relationship we can have on this side of eternity: marriage. Through this union we can reflect the gospel. What an honor! So happy 1 year anniversary. I look forward to many more serving alongside you for the Kingdom of God.


Your Servant


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