Poem: Loving You

Poem: Loving You

(Here is a poetic reflection I wrote on the beauty and delight of marital intimacy)

It’s like…

a cooling drink in summer heat

a ride on which I’d never been, and likewise

a ride I’d ride a million times again


sunrise’s gracious light

sunset’s blazing array of sight, these colors

like, like a spider’s web design–

intricate, strong, delicate

It’s like…

the distant sound of trains at night

which I arise again to find with morning light

peeking through our blinds


Yankee candles lit for about twenty minutes

filling the whole house with a vanilla-peppermint

kind of

like hearing an album you can’t put down

a sound your ears and soul were made for

It’s like,

It’s like,

It’s like a thousand things,

yet nothing’s quite like it.

I can’t explain it all away,

sublime delight


a gift given when we give it

cherished only when we share it

A gift,

so designed by the Giver

it multiplies our delight

and our image,

subtracting our singleness

equaling oneness.


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