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Jon and Quina are the writers for Designed Marriage

About us

The goal of Designed Marriage is to point to the original Designer of marriage, namely God (see Genesis 2:18-25). As we venture into marriage as a living parable of the gospel (see Ephesians 5:22-33), we want to share our journey with you in hopes that you will be strengthened and encouraged to pursue God’s glorious design for marriage. At Designed Marriage, you’ll find our story, testimonies, prayers, graphic designs, poetry, quotes, and many other resources to help you delight in the Designer of marriage.


Jon Aragon


Jon was blessed to have a Christian upbringing, and he remembers fully embracing Christ at the age of 15. With a passion for the gospel and missions, he faithfully serves as a worship leader, teacher, and designer at Living Faith Bible Fellowship. He also works full-time at a design firm while freelancing for a variety of clients. He enjoys soccer, Colombian food, and H&M.


Quina Aragon Designed Marriage

Quina Aragon


Christ successfully captured Quina’s attention and affection in high school through a volleyball teammate, and then surprisingly gifted her with spoken word abilities. She uses this talent and her passion for missions and biblical counseling to strengthen and encourage His Bride through her writing, recording, and performing. She also loves ripe mangoes and Florida beaches.


The Front


Discover our story where it all started: the front porch.

Video for the Front Porch Cardinal




Life Long


Scripture clearly reveals that marriage is to mirror the relationship between Christ and His Church. We pray that by His grace we will do just that.

It’s God’s design.


Our Commitment

Our primary commitment is to our Lord and Savior. Our earthly marriage to each other is momentary, broken only by death. But our marriage to Christ as His Bride is eternal, unshakable, and unfailing. As we seek Him for the strength we need to fulfill this calling, we pray He will use our marriage to edify His people.